Argentina: We feminists have no choice but to wage our own battles

By Norma Loto

Buenos Aires, January (SEMlac). – The book Voces del Feminismo Rebelde (Voices of

Rebellious Feminism) contains the life experiences of important feminists like Diana Maffía,

Claudia Korol, and Liliana Daunes.

Its author, Agustina Lanza, is a 21-year-old journalist who managed not only to get the

testimonies of outstanding women, but also interview family members of those who are gone.

Transvestite activist Diana Sacayán was murdered in October 2015, and Lanza interviewed her

brother Say. Feminist activist Micaela García was killed in April 2017, and Lanza got the

testimony of her friend Carla.

The book gathers their voices together and disseminates their life experiences applying a

pedagogical approach, including feminist Romina Ferrer’s illustrations.

SEMlac spoke with Lanza not only about her book, but also about feminism.

How did Voces del Feminismo Rebelde come to light?

The idea came up shortly after I wrote an article on feminism for Revista Sudestada last


What was the impact of the international women’s strike on your book?

It is not by chance that we are now organizing a second international women’s strike to further

promote unity among all of us.

What do you think about government actions to fight male-chauvinistic


We continue to be abused. We are denied humanized delivery and comprehensive sex

education, although there are national laws that ensure such rights. We are also re-victimized

when we report cases of violence to the police.

There is a lot of misleading information. For example, María E. Vidal, governor of Buenos Aires,


made declarations about feminism without having even the definition very clear.

Our very President publicly said that we women like to have our backsides praised. We are tired

of repeating that male-chauvinistic violence does not only lead to beating and murder, but that it

also reproduces negative practices on a permanent basis.

Do you think the State has shown no real interest in protecting women?

In the book, I wrote that the women of my family simply served their parents, husbands and

children. Enough is enough.

While we demand the State to protect us, we have to develop effective protection tools


We feminists have no choice but to further wage our battles.

Voces del Feminismo Rebelde, Sudestada publishing house, Lomas de Zamora, Argentina,