Nicaragua: Women and statistics

By Sylvia Torres

Managua, April (SEMlac). - "Nicaragua, a country where people are overwhelmed by unemployment, bribery, and poor social services, ranks 43 out of the 157 happiest nations on Earth," said Bertha M. Sánchez, a young feminist born in Chinandega. 
In this context, IPA director Marta M. Blandón published a report showing that, since President Daniel Ortega took office, over 16,400 girls have been raped and/or forced to become mothers.
She regretted that society is more concerned about boxing than about sexual abuse. 
"That should not be tolerated," she stressed.
The happiness index, in which Nicaragua has made some progress as compared to 2015, was developed by economist Jeffrey Sachs for the United Nations System.
The relevant report is based on variables such as the per capital Gross Domestic Product, social support, life expectancy, freedom to make decisions, generosity, and perception of corruption. 
Magaly Quintana, a leader of Catholics for the Right to Choose in Nicaragua, asked the following question: who did the people who put together the report listen to? 
"They must have listened to those interested in hiding women's murders," she noted. 
Last year, police authorities merely recognized 11 murders, while her observatory set the total number at 49.
"Had Nicaragua seen only 11 women's murders in 2016, we would have been really happy," she remarked. 
According to the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, there were 4,923 sexual violence reports issued last year. Over 51 per cent of them involved girls and boys in 28 out of 153 municipalities.
"There have been 14 women's murders so far this year," the source said. 
Juanita Jiménez, a leader of the Autonomous Women's Movement, told local media representatives that, according to statistical data, the number of unresolved cases had moved from 4,363 in 2015 up to 9,774 in 2016.
"This situation is very serious," she concluded.

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