Technology: No women, no Internet


By Norma Loto

Buenos Aires, March (SEMlac Special). - Internet-related women went on strike last February 23 to demand fair treatment.
They are often poorly paid, underestimated, and even sexually abused.
The strike was staged under the Denial of Service (DoS) modality over Twitter.
Led by Silicon Valley workers, it was supported by Latin American ICT groups dealing with web rights.
A document on the strike indicated that women's situation in this field has remained unchanged over the years.
It added that women account for 20 to 30 per cent of the labor force in ICTs.
While they have the same education and professional experience as men, their wages are 28 per cent lower, they are 25 per cent more likely to be sexually harassed at work, and they make up only 11 per cent of CEOs in Silicon Valley."
The situation is even worse in the case of transgender and black women.

Women united will never be defeated
Angie Contreras is a Mexican digital activist who runs @QuintaesenciaR and is a member of a Youth Observatory (@YouthObs).
She told SEMlac that the action has paved the way for another strike next March 8 (International Women's Day). 
"ICT and other engineering specialties continue to be dominated by men because of deeply rooted social stereotypes.
"We strongly favor the idea of digital feminism," she stressed. 
"We want to promote women's active participation and rights on the web and to prevent offline violence practices from being reproduced online," she concluded.

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